About Us

Over more than 28 years Everest Ices has an excellent reputation for high quality vegetarian Ice cream and Kulfi’s in ethnic flavours.

Our renowned Shahi Kulfi, Kesar Pista (saffron and pistachio), Badam Pista (with roasted almond and pistachio pieces) are very popular for weddings, birthdays, parties and special occasions, but any flavour such as mango, pistachio or vanilla can be chosen.

Ice cream is a refreshing change from traditional desserts and is enjoyable by all ages. We offer the ice cream in different containers and in any flavour of your choice.

Matka Kulfi is Everest Ices innovation containing premium Malai Kulfi, Saffron Sauce, topped with mixed chopped roasted nuts. each beautifully hand painted ceramic pot is a work of art in itself and something for the guest to treasure as a memento of the day.

A wide range of speciality and high quality Italian Ice Cream served in a variety of glass or ceramic bowl are Everest Ices best introduction decorated with chocolate, sauces or fruit pieces.